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March 29, 2020

Subject: Federal Emergency Medical Service (EMS) Support

A communication for State Directors of Public Health Preparedness and EMA Directors, sent on behalf of our joint ASPR-FEMA R1 team:

The National Response Coordination Center (NRCC) anticipates that jurisdictions may seek medical personnel, ground, or air transportation resources from the federal government, typically available when FEMA activates the National EMS Contract, to support State, Local, Tribal and Territorial response efforts for COVID-19 outbreaks. For transparency, and to support state and regional planning, the NRCC has requested that each Region share the following information with our State emergency management and public health preparedness and response leaders:

The FEMA National EMS Contract construct is based on a response to natural disasters, such as hurricane evacuations.  It is a zoned approach designed to source ambulances and crews from unaffected states.  In practice, assets are not taken from the affected state or contagious affected states.  The COVID-19 response affects all states and therefore presents a conflict with our contracted approach with American Medical Response (AMR).  The recent deployment to NYC in response to the city’s emergent need necessitated taking private ambulances, not tied to a State’s 911 system or part of an emergency contract/compact, from other parts of the country.  We anticipate many other states will find themselves in a similar situation as NYC.  AMR is assessing their available resources and doing their best to limit any impacts to any city or state where the ambulances/crews come from. 

As this incident progresses, our ability to provide EMS resources may become even more limited.  We understand the angst your states and municipalities must feel and ask you communicate to them our intent while sourcing for nationally emergent needs is to minimize the impact to local response capabilities.

Through your assigned liaison officers, the ASPR-FEMA Region 1 team is available to respond to questions, or provide assistance regarding this issue.

Thank you.

Jarrett W. Devine, CEM
Region I RRCC Regional Coordinating Officer (RCO) – COVID-19
Federal Emergency Management Agency, Region 1

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