Safe Transport of Children


The Safe Transport of Children (STC) Committee examines current resources and pursues research to develop specific and practical recommendations and promising practices for safely transporting children in ground ambulances.

To learn about the Testing Child Restraint Devices for Ambulances project, click here.


  • To recommend the criteria or specifications for proper restraint of children in ambulances. Such criteria will be evidence-based and will consider safety of both patients and providers.
  • To have the recommended criteria adopted by one or more accredited standard setting organizations.
  • To develop a strategy and resources for educating EMS providers on safely transporting children in ground ambulances based on the recommended criteria or standards.

Meeting schedule

The Safe Transport of Children Committee generally meets the 4th Thursday of even-numbered months, at 1:30 PM Eastern, except when conflicting with a holiday or when meeting in conjunction with the NASEMSO Annual Meeting.


  • Here to Help: Proper Child Restraints in Emergency Vehicles
    What you will learn in this one hour North Carolina OEMS online training video: In this engaging and informative training video, designed for EMS personnel, including administrators and training officers, you’ll hear from experts why it’s important to appropriately restrain, and safeguard children in ambulances. You’ll learn about pediatric restraint devices and see a demonstration of how to use the equipment to properly restrain and transport children. You’ll also get some tips on safe pediatric transport. View the printable version of the course: Here to Help: Proper Child Restraints in Emergency Vehicles(PDF, 60 KB)
  • NH Fire & EMS Academy – Pediatric Ambulance Safety Restraints Users must sign up for a free account with the NH Fire & EMS Academy. Learning objectives of this module: (1) Review of protocols and relevant state (NH) laws; (2) Review common devices used to secure a child in the ambulance; (3) Show how to use various devices to secure a child in the ambulance.
  • The Safe Transport of Children in Ambulances
    Children’s Hospital Colorado, presented by Jason Kotas, NREMT, CPST. Click here for the video (lecture starts at 43:35); Slides available here.
  • Pre-Hospital Transport of the Critically Ill Pediatric Patient
    Oklahoma EMSC PowerPoint presentation.

Brochures, Fact Sheets, & Flyers



Eric Hicken,CPM, EMT-P
EMSC Program Manager
Office of EMS
NJ Department of Health

Vice Chair

Katherine R. Schafer
Program Manager
New Mexico EMS for Children and Child Ready Programs

Pediatric Emergency Care Council

  • Rachael Ford (OR)
  • Katherine Hert (AL)
  • Eric Hicken (NJ)
  • Brandon Kelley (WY)
  • Samantha Mishra (MI).
  • Kjelsey Polzin (MN)
  • Katherine Schafer (NM)
  • Anna K. Sessa (NH)
  • Morgan Skaggs (KY)
  • Cyndy Wright-Johnson (MD)

State Directors

  • Dale Adkerson (OK)
  • Steve McCoy (FL)

Medical Directors Council

  • Dr. Michael Kaufmann (IN)

Highway Incident and Transportation Systems (HITS) Committee

  • David Harden (AZ)


  • Katrina Altenhofen
  • Dr. Marilyn Bull (Riley Hospital for Children at IU)
  • Stephanie Busch (VT Dept. of Health)
  • Jacob Cartner, Engineering Manager, Ferno
  • Tom Downey, Emergency Vehicle Seating (EVS)
  • Jonathon Gondek (Calspan)
  • Jason Hamm (First Line Technology)
  • Amy Haughn, AAMS Children Special Interest Group (KIDS SIG)
  • William Horn (Calspan)
  • Chris Jessup (IMMI)
  • Amit Kapoor (First Line Technology)
  • Karter Kistler (EVS LTD)
  • Mark Roberts (Quantum EMS)
  • Elena Sierra, AAMS Membership Manager
  • Charles Vits (IMMI)
  • Patrick Wilson (Quantum EMS)
  • Stefanie Zucker (Pediatric Medical)

Federal Partners

  • Dave Bryson (NHTSA)
  • John McDonald (GSA)
  • Theresa Morrison-Quinata (HRSA)
  • James Green (NIOSH)
  • Laura Dunn (NHTSA Occupant Protection)

For More Information

Mary Hedges, MPA
NASEMSO Program Manager