Agency & Vehicle Licensure


The Agency and Vehicle Licensure (AVL) Committee provides an opportunity for state EMS office staff responsible for the oversight and regulation of agencies and vehicles as well as industry professionals to stay up to date on the development of ambulance design requirements and standard testing. A subset of AVL Committee members work in conjunction with ambulance manufacturers and purchases in the develop model rules for state consideration.  The AVL Committee also collaborates on resources related to ambulance inspections, agency and vehicle investigations.  The AVL Committee routinely collaborates with the Personnel Licensure Council (PLC) as staff in some staff offices staff hold responsibilities in both areas.


In anticipation of what is believed to be the majority of states needing to revise rules that currently incorporate the KKK specifications in whole or part on or after Oct. 1, 2013, leadership of the National Association of State Emergency Medical Services Officials (NASEMSO) formed an Agency & Vehicle Licensure (AVL) Committee. The immediate charge to the committee will be to develop model regulatory language for state adoption related to the design of ambulances for state promulgation as needed. This committee will meet by teleconference and, when possible, in person in conjunction with the NASEMSO mid-year and annual meetings. A subset of AVL Committee members will work in conjunction with ambulance manufacturers and ambulance purchasers to develop language for the Committee’s consideration, vetting as resources for NASEMSO members, and recommend final drafts for approval by the Board.

Additional charges to the AVL Committee include:

  • Identification of standards and promising practices related to states’ local EMS agency licensure.
  • Identification of state practices related to education and certification of state EMS employees or contractors with licensure related duties in areas such as investigations or regulatory practices (i.e., how do state EMS offices prepare their employees or contractors to perform inspection or investigation related duties related to agency licensure?).
  • Identification of state practices related to complaint management, investigations, sanctions, and administrative actions related to EMS agency licensure and proposed approaches to standardization.
  • Identification of existing and development of model laws and rules addressing legal recognition of agencies licensed in adjacent states when operating in another state in day-to-day and non-disaster situations.


Derek Flory, BAS, EMT-P / IC
Life Support Agency and Vehicle Licensing Coordinator
Agency & Vehicle Licensure
MI Dept. of HHS, Bureau of EMS

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