State EMS Office Membership

Download a one-page summary of State EMS Office membership benefits here.

State EMS Office membership includes up to 10 personnel, typically:

  • State/territorial EMS director
  • State/territorial Deputy EMS Director
  • Personnel responsible for:
    • Medical direction
    • Pediatric emergency care
    • Trauma systems
    • Data systems
    • Health and medical preparedness
    • Personnel licensure
  • Additional state EMS office member(s)
Annual Dues$3,500 for 10 personnel plus $250 per additional person
Annual Meeting RegistrationMember rate
Website ListingIncluded in “State EMS Agency Listing” on NASEMSO Website
Committee MembershipUnlimited
Council MembershipIn accordance with NASEMSO Bylaws Section VII, membership of each Council shall be limited to one (1) State EMS Official from each state as appointed by the State EMS Director. In states where the function represented by a Council is not fulfilled by a State EMS Office member, the State Director decides who represents their state as the voting representative to that Council.


Council Access

NASEMSO Councils are standing bodies that contain one representative from each member state or territory. Councils exchange information, examine issues in detail, and make recommendations for action to the Board or Executive Committee. Councils meet regularly by teleconference and in-person at the Annual Meeting. Click here to view current Councils.

Resources for the State EMS Official

Designed for the new state EMS official and designated personnel, the one-day Resources for the State EMS Official, held in conjunction with the NASEMSO Annual Meeting, covers a review of the functions of state EMS offices and advisory boards; EMS topics of national significance; national EMS resources and more.


State EMS Office members collect data on specific EMS issues with a quick turn-around.

Additional Benefits

Please see Benefits for All Members on the Membership page.