State, territorial, and tribal EMS officials advancing and providing access to optimal healthcare for all through the improvement and expansion of emergency and other medical response systems and roles.


NASEMSO is the permanent national leadership organization that supports, equips, and advocates for state, territorial, and tribal EMS officials in their work to improve systems of care and the professionals operating in them.

Strategic Focus

Communications: Ensure effective external communications to reinforce stakeholder understanding of the role of state, territorial, and tribal EMS offices as system leaders and enablers, as well as regulators, and of the national leadership role of NASEMSO in supporting them.
Information and Resources: Continue and improve methodologies used in information and resource sharing with and among NASEMSO membership and staff.
Emerging Specialties: Develop and enable policy deliberation, documentation, and external communications about member consensus on emerging specialties.


  • The orderly development of data-driven, community-based, patient-centered, and well-coordinated EMS systems across the nation.
  • The involvement of qualified physician leadership in EMS system oversight.
  • Enabling access to uniformly high-quality care for acutely-ill and injured patients, as well as programs which will prevent emergency illnesses and injuries.
  • Providing a forum for the exchange of information and the discussion of common concerns among state, territorial and tribal EMS officials.
  • Cross-border cooperation in such areas as patient transfer, communications, and reciprocity of EMS personnel.
  • The dissemination of timely and pertinent information to our membership and others.
  • Maintaining effective and ongoing liaisons with state, tribal and national governments, professional organizations, and other appropriate public and private entities.
  • Striving to help improve the quality and efficiency of our members’ EMS program leadership and administration.
  • Pursuing means of enhancing the professional knowledge, skill and abilities of state, territorial and tribal EMS officials and staff.
  • The pursuit of research and evaluation in all areas of EMS, and evidence-based system planning and decision-making.

Nonprofit Status

The National Association of State EMS Officials was formed in 1980 as an IRS-designated 501(c)(3), non-profit organization. The membership year is July 1 to June 30.

Key Documents