NASEMSO membership offers a variety of opportunities for individuals, agencies and other organizations to participate in activities with state emergency medical services (EMS) officials.

Please contact the NASEMSO Membership Director with any questions about membership categories and benefits.

Membership Year

The NASEMSO membership year is July 1 to June 30.

Membership Categories

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Benefits for All Members


Committee Access

NASEMSO Committees exchange information, examine germane issues, and make recommendations for action to the Board or Executive Committee. Standing and Ad Hoc Committee membership is limited to NASEMSO members (state EMS office, associate and corporate). Committees meet regularly by teleconference and in-person at the Annual Meeting.  Click here to view current Committees.


NASEMSO speaks on behalf of state EMS programs and advocates to sustain strong EMS systems on a national level.

NASEMSO Annual Meeting

The purpose of the NASEMSO Annual Meeting is to address legislative and regulatory issues related to emergency medical services, medical transportation, and homeland security; the EMS work force; and NASEMSO project updates, including model rules for ambulance vehicle design, model interstate compact for personnel licensure, model EMS clinical guidelines, air medical model rules, intelligent transportation and traffic incident management developments, model trauma plan, fatigue in EMS, EMS scope of practice, and more.

Monographs, Reports, and Other Resources

Periodic data collection from state EMS offices determines how each state’s programs compare in terms of structure, services, and regulations. The documented results are very useful to anyone who is interested in national, state, and local EMS policy development. In addition to monographs, NASEMSO also provides final reports from Council/Committee assessments, joint statements, summit findings, etc.

Prehospital Emergency Care

As the official journal of the National Association of State EMS Officials, Prehospital Emergency Care is an authoritative resource delivering up-to-date clinical and research information on advances in medical care in the out-of-hospital setting. It provides cutting-edge articles on all facets of the EMS field. NASEMSO members are now eligible to receive PEC at $56, a 50% discount to the regular subscription rate! Access podcasts and more.

Download subscription form with special offer of one-year subscription to Prehospital Emergency Care at 50% off

Washington Update

The Washington Update provides subscribers with regular electronic transmittals reporting on the latest regulatory and legislative activities, national projects, and resource developments for EMS constituents and related stakeholder groups. Learn more.

Homeland Security Information Network (HSIN) and its Critical Sectors – Healthcare & Public Health (CS-HPH) Community

NASEMSO members are entitled to access to the Homeland Security Information Network (HSIN) community, which also includes subscriptions to the weekly DHS INFOGRAM newsletter as well as the For Official Use Only (FOUO) information published by the U.S. Department of Homeland Security. The Critical Sectors – Healthcare & Public Health (CS-HPH) community is part of HSIN. Through HPH-HSIN, users have access to: timely, relevant and actionable information about threats, vulnerabilities, security, policy, cybersecurity, and incident response and recovery activities affecting the healthcare and public health community; alerts and notifications of credible threats; best practices for protection and preparedness measures for HPH stakeholders; CIKR preparedness and resilience analysis and research products; and communication and collaboration with other subject matter experts.