Fatigue in EMS


Understanding the science behind sleep health and applying these principles to the EMS workforce is intended to help improve safety through fatigue risk management. This primary objective served ​to guide activities for a 5-year project awarded to NASEMSO by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA).  Partnerships with the University of Pittsburgh School of Medicine and the Institutes of Behavior Resources, Inc resulted in evidence-based guidelines, infographics, a guidebook, manuscripts, and videos that are linked below. The project concludes in January 2022 with the launch of an EMS Fatigue Risk Analyzer.  The following webinar highlights the project and the new webtool. Slides from the January 5, 2022 presentation are also available here.

The Emergency Medical Services Sleep Health Study: A cluster-randomized trial” in Sleep Health (open access)

Table of Contents for the Fatigue Supplement in Prehospital Emergency Care

Download Fatigue in EMS Publications Schematic (pdf)

  • Evidence-based guidelines for fatigue risk management in Emergency Medical Services
    Authors: P. Daniel Patterson, PhD, NRP, J. Stephen Higgins, PhD, Hans P. A. Van Dongen, PhD, Daniel J. Buysse, MD, Ronald W. Thackery, JD, Douglas F. Kupas, MD, David S. Becker, MA, EMT-P, Bradley E. Dean, MA, NRP, George H. Lindbeck, MD, Francis X. Guyette, MD, MPH, Josef H. Penner, MBA, John M. Violanti, PhD, Eddy S. Lang, MDCM, CCFP (EM), Christian Martin-Gill, MD, MPH



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