Board of Directors

NASEMSO Officers


Joseph House
Executive Director
Kansas Board of Emergency Medical Services


Jason Rhodes
State EMS Director
Rhode Island Dept. of Health, Div. of EMS


Sam Hurley
Maine Emergency Medical Services


Justin Romanello
Bureau Chief
NH DOS, Division of Fire Standards and Training & EMS

Immediate Past President

Alisa Williams
State EMS Director
Mississippi Department of Health, Bureau of EMS

Member-at-Large Named to the NASEMSO Executive Committee

Kraig KinneyState Director and Counsel of EMSIndiana Department of Homeland Security

Board of Directors

Note: The Board of Directors includes the elected officers listed above.

East Region Chair

Ryan Greenberg
Director, Bureau of EMS & Trauma

Great Lakes Region Chair

Kraig Kinney
State Director and Counsel of EMS
Indiana Department of Homeland Security

South Region Chair

Jamie Gray
State EMS Director
Office of EMS, Alabama Dept. of Public Health

Western Plains Region Chair

Tim Wilson
Program Director
Nebraska Department of Health and Human Services

West Region Chair

Todd McDowell
Office of EMS Manager
Alaska Office of EMS

Data Manager Representative

Jay Ostby
Licensing Officer, Reporting and Data Analyst
Wyoming Dept. of Health, EMS

Education Representative

Terrie Godde
Continuing and Specialty Education Coordinator
MI Dept. of Health & Human Services.

Health & Medical Preparedness Representative

Karen Owens
Emergency Operations Division Director
Virginia Office of EMS

Medical Director Representative

Richard Kamin, MD
State EMS Medical Director
Office of EMS, Connecticut Department of Public Health

Pediatric Emergency Care Representative

Marc Minkler
Program Manager – EMS for Children
Maine Emergency Medical Services

Personnel Licensure Representative

Brett Hart
Manager, Licensing Unit
Texas EMS/Trauma Systems Section
Consumer Protection Division

Trauma Manager Representative

Eileen Worden
Trauma Manager
Bureau of EMS, Trauma and Preparedness
Michigan Department of Health and Human Services

East Region Vice Chair

Candace Gardner
State EMS Director
NJ Dept. of Health Office of EMS

South Region Vice Chair

Christy Kresse
EMS Section Chief
Arkansas Department of Health, EMS

Great Lakes Region Vice Chair

Emily Bergquist
Director, Division of EMS and Trauma
Michigan State Office of Public Health

Western Plains Region Vice Chair

Tim Wilson
Program Director, Public Health
Nebraska Department of Health and Human Services

West Region Vice Chair

Margot McComas
Chief Bureau of EMS and Trauma Section
Iowa HHS, Bureau of Emerg. Medical & Trauma Svcs.

Data Manager Alternate Representative

Amber Viitanen
EMTS Data Section Manager
Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment

Education Alternate Representative

Richard Rhodes
State EMS Training Coordinator
Georgia Office of EMS and Trauma

Health & Medical Preparedness Alternate Representative

Jay Taylor
EMS Program Manager
PA Department of Health

Medical Director Alternate Representative

Gail Bradley
EMS Medical Director
Bureau of EMS & Trauma System, AZ Dept. of Health

Pediatric Emergency Care Alternate Representative

Anna Sessa
Program Manager – Emergency Medical Services for Children
NH, Bureau of EMS

Personnel Licensure Alternate Representative

Wendy Snodgrass
EMS Education and Compliance Manager
Nebraska Office of Emergency Health Systems

Trauma Manager Alternate Representative

Wendy J. O’Hare, AAS, Paramedic
Director, Kansas Trauma Systems
Kansas Dept. of Health & Environment

Management Counsel

Elizabeth B. Armstrong, MAM, CAE
201 Park Washington Court
Falls Church, VA 22046–4513
703–538–1799; F: 703–241–5603

Executive Director

Dia Gainor
201 Park Washington Court
Falls Church, VA 22046–4513
703–538–1799; F: 703–241–5603

Project Coordinator

Adrienne Wilson
201 Park Washington Court
Falls Church, VA 22046–4513
703–538–1799; F: 703–241–5603