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National Collaborative for Bio-Preparedness


The NCBP is a collaborative of state and local responders and the national preparedness enterprise to provide early warning of health events and trends not otherwise detectable. NCBP has been a ground-breaking, multi-year pilot cooperative research and development program between the University of North Carolina (UNC) and the Department of Homeland Security (DHS). Through a new partnership between UNC and Biospatial Inc., NCBP is transitioning to a commercially-hosted system, while maintaining NCBP’s unique mission and capabilities through growing and sustaining our national network of data owners and NCBP users.

In exchange for access to EMS data, NCBP provides operational and clinical insight to state and local data owners to help improve operations and patient outcomes. NCBP provides alerts to anomalous health events, visualization of syndromic events and trends, and clinical and operational dashboards. The collaborative data network widens the context of events by enabling sharing of data and syndromic trends with neighboring jurisdictions. These capabilities are provided through a no-cost subscription to state and local data owners. NCBP also enables new health- and safety-related insights through multi-agency collaboration, such as linking motor vehicle crash records with injury severity derived from the EMS Revised Trauma Score.

Biospatial and UNC are working closely with the NASEMSO to develop and grow the Collaborative through state EMS offices. NASEMSO has partnered with the NCBP because of the value the analytics can provide to the NEMSIS data that state EMS offices collect. The NCBP has created a pathway to contribute to state specific surveillance and offer real time value to state epidemiologists and state health officers.

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Joe Ferrell, MS, Paramedic