Model Clinical Guidelines Version 3 – Now Available for Public Comment

September 1, 2021

The NASEMSO Model EMS Clinical Guidelines project team is delighted to unveil the draft Version 3 of the Model EMS Clinical Guidelines.

In completing Version 3, the project team has reviewed and updated all existing guidelines, as well as added five new guidelines. Version 3 of the Guidelines, similar to the original version released in 2014, was completed by a team of EMS and specialty physicians comprised of members of the NASEMSO Medical Directors Council and representatives from six EMS medical director stakeholder organizations (AAEM, ACEP, AAP-COPEM, ACS-COT, AMPA, and NAEMSP). In addition, all guidelines have been reviewed by a team of pediatric emergency medicine physicians, pharmacologists and other technical reviewers. 

As part of the process we invite you to provide public comment on this draft version by completing the form below before September 24, 2021.