Indiana joins EMS Compact

March 17, 2020

On Friday March 13, 2020, Indiana Governor Eric Holcomb signed legislation making that state the 20th to join the EMS Compact. The statute is effective 90 days from signing.

Dr. Michael Kaufmann, State EMS Medical Director said; This EMS Compact just makes sense for Indiana. We have borders with four other states and are hopeful that our entry into the Compact gives an incentive for our neighbors to join. My thanks to our legislature, our Governor and all the groups that supported this legislation. 

The EMS Compact became operational in 2017 when the 10th state passed legislation to join and the Interstate Commission for EMS Personnel Practice was formed. Since that time the Commission has adopted rules for operations and is close to rolling out the coordinated personnel data system. In response to the evolving COVID-19 pandemic the Compact Commission is immediately activating the privilege to practice provisions under the Compact legislation using a manual system for states to exchange personnel information.

Compact Commission Chair, Joseph Schmider of Texas said; It’s great to have Indiana on board as our 20th state! We all need to be finding ways to help our EMS personnel be able to serve more efficiently. Getting into the Compact now, as COVID-19 is still expanding, gives Indiana one more strategy in managing this outbreak. I want to personally thank Dr. Kaufmann for his leadership and vision in supporting this legislation. 

For more information, please contact Dan Manz, Educator, Interstate Commission for EMS Personnel Practice at