2019 RITN Workshop – Crisis in Context: Minding the Gaps in Medical Preparedness for a Rad/Nuke Incident

July 30, 2019 – July 31, 2019

DoubleTree Crystal City, Arlington, VA

The Radiation Injury Treatment Network seeks to increase the understanding of and preparedness for the tremendous medical, environmental, and psychological consequences of a mass casualty radiological/nuclear incident for healthcare professionals. The 2019 RITN workshop will highlight recent developments in resource-constrained environments: (1) optimizing ARS initial assessment and triage, (2) ensuring the availability and appropriate use of medical and psycho-social supportive care, (3) disseminating the latest research in radiation-specific medical countermeasures, (4) applying technology as a force multiplier for care and education, and (5) enhancing collaboration among burn surgeons and RITN professionals. Additionally, the workshop will encourage open sharing of lessons learned from past efforts.

1) Explain the challenges and new developments concerning patient transport, assessment and triage in resourceconstrained environments.
2) Discuss progress in research on radiation-specific countermeasures, individual bio-dosimetry, and supportive care during mass casualty radiation emergencies.
3) Describe the importance and key challenges of providing medical and psycho-social supportive care following a Rad/Nuke incident.
4) Understand the emergency response role of RITN hospitals to a Rad/Nuke incident and implement appropriate utilization of resources at these hospitals.
5) Describe methods for disseminating radiation expertise across the spectrum of health care and allied health workers.
6) Describe key lessons learned from 20 years of preparedness activities.

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