Executive Director (CEO) – First Responder Network Authority

September 25, 2022

The FirstNet Authority oversees the buildout, deployment, and operation of FirstNet, making sure it delivers what public safety needs from a network. The FirstNet Authority also spurs innovation in public safety communications tools and capabilities, working hand-in-hand with public safety officials nationwide to ensure public safety’s voice is represented in the buildout and evolution of FirstNet.

The Executive Director (CEO) will:

Oversee all of the day-to-day operations of the FirstNet Authority and direct a staff of highly- skilled, multi-disciplinary professional and support personnel, including the coordination of policy teams and projects. Provide periodic, accurate, and timely reporting to the FirstNet Authority Board, and implement the policies and strategies approved by the Board.

Operate the FirstNet Authority in conformity with general business practices, the Act, and all applicable Federal rules and regulations. Create a culture of sharing information early and often, and provide a well-balanced report of risks and issues so that board members can engage, support, and provide oversight. Operate under the requirements of NTIA and the Department of Commerce in implementing the Act.

Build trusting relationships with decision makers in cities, counties, states, federal agencies, and Capitol Hill to ensure the success of the FirstNet Authority’s mission. Build trusting relationships with the public safety community, and create an expectation that the FirstNet Authority will be responsive to public safety needs.

Through the Chief Procurement Officer, oversee the management of the FirstNet Authority’s contract with AT&T through which the NPSBN is deployed, maintained, and operated for public safety entities throughout the country.

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