Epidemiology Specialist II  (statewide trauma surveillance system) (AK)

December 27, 2018

The Alaska Department of Health and Social Services (DHSS), Division of Public Health (DPH), Section of Rural and Community Health Systems (RCHS) is recruiting for an experienced and highly motivated Epidemiology Specialist II  to coordinate and maintain a statewide trauma surveillance system.


RECRUITMENT SCOPE This position is open to Alaska Residents only. Please check our residency definition to determine if you qualify.

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Under the direction of the Trauma Services Manager, the job duties of this position include, but are not limited to:

  • Assure the standards are adhered in accordance with the Alaska Administrative Code 7 AAC 26.745 Trauma Registry. The position maintains a data base that is unique to trauma. The position collects patient-level data from the state’s verified trauma centers and other participating acute care facilities. Performs follow-up for the purposes of incidence, treatment and outcomes, performance improvement, legislative planning, support programs, and research activities. The position interprets data for research projects. Assists with quality control activities, information requests, and quality improvement studies as requested. Analyzes key data to assess important aspects of systems operations for improvement and resource management of trauma patients.
  • The position maintains working relationships with the subcontractors, acute care facilities, and abstractors to ensure adherence to data management protocols set forth to meet the compliance standards. The position is a key resource person for all stakeholders. Evaluates and updates data collection processes by collaborating with the Trauma Program Manager and stakeholders to maximize a proficient process. Continuing education may be required. Travel may be required to acute care facilities to provide education on program standards and expectations. Continues to improve the current physical structure of the State Trauma Registry as well as update and secure submissions of files.
  • Recruits and trains a workforce of registrars who abstract data from medical record charts. Develops procedures for ATR case identification and data collection. Provides training and assists hospital personnel in case identification and data collection. Shares the results of validation studies and data QA checks with registrars for ongoing training and continuous quality improvement. Supports trauma center designation efforts by hospitals by assisting hospital trauma coordinators in using trauma data for quality improvement, performance improvement, resource utilization, and providing technical support.
  • Provides trauma information to various health agencies, media, legislators, the Department of Health and Social Services, EMS organizations, instructors, public health professionals and the public for education, grant applications, health indicators, policy, and program design and evaluation. Queries and interprets data to answers requests for information. Presents ATR information orally and in written form to various stakeholders.
  • The position works with the Chair of the Trauma System Review Committee and the Trauma Program Manager to establish the preparation, agenda, and minutes of all scheduled meetings. The position reports to the Committee on the status of the ATR at all scheduled meetings. The position provides guidance to the Committee on all trauma registry issues. Establishes communication network with professional organizations to facilitate sharing of information and resources. Travel may be required.

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For specific information in reference to this position, please contact the hiring manager:

Alyssa Marizan, Administrative Assistant II
(907) 334-2596