Wyoming Partners with Biospatial

February 26, 2019

The Wyoming Department of Health, Public Health Division has completed Data Use and Analytic Agreements to become the 17th state to partner with Biospatial, Inc. The Wyoming Department of Health will be submitting National EMS Information System (NEMSIS) data  elements to the Biospatial Platform to both assist in national preparedness and enhance the state’s ability to visualize their data with other data layers of relevance.

Andy Gienapp, Director of Wyoming’s Office of EMS, looks forward to using the EMS data to drive policy and system design.  He states, “You can’t do that unless your data is comprehensive, linked, and easily digestible. We think our agreement with Biospatial can help paint that picture for us, to give us the real picture of what’s happening in Wyoming, and then an opportunity to make a difference.” By linking EMS data to traffic and trauma data, the system can be evaluated to find what works in EMS to improve patient outcomes.

Mr. Gienapp believes Wyoming’s partnership with Biospatial will add value to the data his office collects.  He indicates, “What state EMS directors need is for their data to be dropped in front of them in a compact package with a nice bow on it, so we can actually take action. The Biospatial team is going to bring a wealth of experience and skills to our data.”  As the value of the data is demonstrated, the interested stakeholders become “endless.”  Patients, policy makers, clinicians, politicians, and local communities all have an interest in meaningful data.  Mr. Geinapp states, “It’s high time we stop talking about data and start doing something with it.”

Biospatial uses Emergency Medical Services and health-related data sources to provide timely, national-scale syndromic detection, monitor real-time trends, and alert to syndromic anomalies that are critical to the nation’s health and safety. Biospatial develops partnerships with state and local data owners to bring health- related data into the Biospatial Platform; in turn, Biospatial provides data owners access to the Biospatial Platform tools at no cost.  Data visualization, syndromic trends and alerts, summary dashboards, and clinical and operational reporting are provided to both data owners and paying federal and commercial subscribers to support preparedness and response, healthcare, pharmaceutical, automotive, and risk management markets.

Biospatial is working closely with the National Association of State EMS Officials (NASEMSO) to connect with state EMS offices. NASEMSO has partnered with Biospatial because of the value the analytics can provide to the NEMSIS data that state EMS offices collect. Biospatial has created a pathway to contribute to state- specific surveillance and offer real-time value to state epidemiologists and state health officers.

NASEMSO Contact: Dia Gainor at or 208-861-4841    

State EMS Offices that are interested in participating with Biospatial should contact Joe Ferrell at or 515-291-2550.