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Having issues with the NASEMSO members-only log-in? Try this!

You may be experiencing some problems with logging-in to the members-only area on the NASEMSO website. Also, you may be seeing an error message that the NASEMSO website does not have an up-to-date security certificate (SSL).

We want to assure you that the NASEMSO website does indeed have an up-to-date security certificate.

The problems are being caused by an upgrade by Oracle/Sun to their JAVA software. Our website technical support cannot correct this problem. It will not be corrected until Java makes an update to their run-time engine.

In the meantime, if you are having problems with logging-in to the members-only area, you need to change the settings on your computer due to the JAVA software upgrade. Please follow these steps:

  • You need to add the NASEMSO website to the “exceptions list” on the security tab in the JAVA Control Panel.
  • In your web browser, go to the JAVA Control Panel, click the Edit Site List button, enter http://www.nasemso.org, and then click OK.
  • After this, you will get a warning when running the JAVA plug-in in your web browser. You will have to check the box in the warning message to confirm that you want to run the Java application, and then click the Run button.
  • If you need further information, consult your IT support or go to the help section for your web browser.

This should take care of the problem that some members have reported experiencing when they log-in to members-only. Eventually, this problem should go away when Oracle/Sun makes an update to their run-time engine.