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Recognition of EMS Personnel Licensure Interstate Project

REPLICA (Final Model, Sept 2014)

REPLICA States - Laws passed in 2015

REPLICA States - Laws passed in 2016

REPLICA States - Law passed in 2017

Latest News

REPLICA Becomes Official with its 10th Member State Enactment
(05/15/17) With the 10th member state enactment, the Recognition of Emergency Medical Services Licensure Interstate Compact (REPLICA) has become official. Governor Nathan Deal of Georgia signed Senate Bill 109 on today activating the nation’s first EMS licensure compact. States that have passed REPLICA to date include: Colorado, Texas, Kansas, Virginia, Tennessee, Idaho, Utah, Mississippi, Wyoming and Georgia.

Released in 2014, REPLICA’s model legislation creates a formal pathway for the licensed individual to provide pre-hospital care across state lines under authorized circumstances. According to Keith Wages, president of the National Association of State EMS Officials (NASEMSO), “REPLICA represents a collective, nationwide effort to address the problems faced by responders when needing to cross state borders in the line of their duties.” Wages highlighted the compact’s abilities to “increase access to healthcare, reduce regulatory barriers for EMS responders, and place an umbrella of quality over cross border practice not previously seen in the EMS profession.” Download news release.

Project Background

In one of the most labor intensive projects of national significance in its history, the National Association of State EMS Officials brought industry partners and experts in the field of interstate compacts together over the last two years to develop model legislation for states’ consideration and enactment. The “Recognition of EMS Personnel Licensure Interstate CompAct” (“REPLICA”) final model legislation is available for download from the link above and was distributed to State EMS Directors and State EMS Medical Directors in the fall of 2014. EMS is at the leading edge of a growing wave of medical disciplines’ leadership who have discovered that interstate compacts are a novel yet time tested way to solve the pervasive dilemma of providing appropriately credentialed individuals from other states the legal ability to practice under specified conditions, introduce unprecedented accountability related to those personnel, and create means of information sharing among states that have never existed before.

Listen to an interview with Dia Gainor about REPLICA, courtesy of the Professional Ambulance Association of Wisconsin, posted here (14-minute duration).

In order to become a member of the compact, your state must introduce the attached as a piece of legislation, enact it without any substantial changes, and your Governor must sign it into law. The Federation of State Medical Boards (FSMB), the members of which include your state medical board(s’) Executive Director(s), has also just completed a compact to streamline physician licensure across state lines. Information about the FSMB initiative and a link to download their physician model interstate compact can be found here. As you review the EMS compact and the utility it would provide to your state, consider reaching out to your administrative counterpart(s) at your state’s medical board(s); these initiatives would dovetail nicely as companion bills and solve the issues for both EMS personnel and their medical directors concurrently.

At its annual meeting in August 2014, the Council of State Governments (CSG) passed a resolution supporting the establishment of REPLICA and encouraging its member jurisdictions to consider adoption as an “innovative policy solution.” You can view and download the resolution here.

It is the state EMS office's prerogative to engage the legislative idea/approval process established by the Executive Branch in your state. The record set for adoption of a new compact in recent years was by 11 states in the first legislative cycle following model compact distribution, and just within the last few months, the number of compacts in use by all 50 states grew to four, and most have DC and territories as members as well. If you have any questions or need for a guided review please do not hesitate to contact Sue Prentiss, Advocate for REPLICA, or Dia Gainor, NASEMSO Executive Director. Your legislators or legislative services staff may be more comfortable communicating with CSG, in which case their contact person is Colmon Elridge, Director, CSG National Center for Interstate Compacts, via celridge@csg.org.

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