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Safe Transport of Children Ad Hoc Committee (STC)

(as of Oct. 19, 2017)

Committee Chair
Eric Hicken,CPM, EMT-P
EMSC Program Manager
Office of EMS
NJ Department of Health

Committee Vice Chair
Katherine R. Schafer
Program Manager
New Mexico EMS for Children and Child Ready Programs

Pediatric Emergency Care Council

  • Tracy Cleary (KS)
  • Rachael Ford (Oregon)
  • Katherine Hert (Alabama)
  • Eric Hicken (New Jersey)
  • Brandon Kelley (Wyoming)
  • Kjelsey Polzin (MN)
  • Angie Poorman (PA)
  • Katherine Schafer (New Mexico)
  • Cyndy Wright-Johnson (Maryland)

Agency & Vehicle Licensure (AVL) Committee

  • Paul Phillips (Kentucky)

State Directors

  • Steve McCoy (FL)


  • Katrina Altenhofen, National EMS for Children Innovation and Improvement Center
  • Dr. Marilyn Bull (Riley Hospital for Children at IU)
  • Stephanie Busch (National EMSC Data Analysis Resource Center)
  • Jacob Cartner, Engineering Manager, Ferno
  • Tom Downey, Emergency Vehicle Seating (EVS)
  • Amy Haughn, AAMS Children Special Interest Group (KIDS SIG)
  • Bill Horn (Calspan)
  • Mike Kulig (Calspan)
  • Matthew Maltese, Ph.D. (University of Pennsylvania, Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia)
  • Teresa Merk, AAMS Critical Care Ground Special Interest Group (CCG SIG)
  • Rich Perl, President, Quantum EMS
  • Elena Sierra, AAMS Membership Manager
  • Dan Sjoquist, AMD Seat and Restraint Committee Chair
  • Tim Wells, Director of Product Management, Ferno

Federal Partners

  • Dave Bryson (NHTSA)
  • John McDonald (GSA)
  • Theresa Morrison-Quinata (HRSA)
  • James Green (NIOSH)
  • Alexander “Sandy" Sinclair (NHTSA)