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NASEMSO Resolutions Archive

Resolution 2006-03 Support of the Rural Emergency Medical Services and Trauma Technical Assistance Center

Resolution 2006-01 In Recognition of the Leadership and Contributions of Mark E. King

Resolution 2004-02 National Registry of EMTs Computer Adaptive Testing System

Resolution 2004-04 Funding of EMS, Trauma, EMSC

Resolution 2004-05 State EMS Medical Director Leadership

Resolution 2004-01 In Recognition of The Life and Leadership of James O. Page

Resolution 2004-03 Critical Trauma Systems in the Face of Weapons of Mass Destruction

Resolution 2003-05 Federal Funding of EMS Systems, Including Trauma Systems

Resolution 2003-04 Joint Commission on Accreditation of Healthcare Organizations

Resolution 2003-02 NASEMSD Agreement to Conform to NHTSA Uniform Prehospital Dataset Version 2.0

Resolution 2003-03 Member States Agreement to Conform to NHTSA Uniform Prehospital Dataset Version 2.0

Resolution 2003-01 National EMS Information System Business Model

Resolution 2002-03 Emergency Medical Services Funding

Resolution 2001-03 Support of Medicare Reform Acts

Resolution 2001-02 Elimination of Basic and Advanced Resuscitation Skills -- Specific Credentialing for EMS Providers

Resolution 2002-01 Emergency Medical Services at Wildland Fires

Resolution 2002-01 Rural EMS Technical Assistance Center

Resolution 2001-01 EMS System Response to Terrorism Needs

Resolution 2000-01 AHA Guidelines 2000 for CPR and ECC

Resolution 2000-04 Cost Based Reimbursement for Emergency Medical Services

Resolution 2000-03 Support the Concept of National Accreditation of Continuing Medical Education Activities for EMS Providers

Resolution 2000-02 Emergency Department Overcrowding and EMS Diversion

Resolution 2000-02 Resolution Opposing HCFA Medical Necessity Verification Policy

Resolution 1999-03 Recognizing the Contributions of Ricardo Martinez, MD

Resolution 1999-02 Resolution Opposing HCFA Medical Necessity Verification Policy

Resolution 1998-03 Resolution on Domestic Preparedness for Terrorist Attacks and EMS

Resolution 1998-02 Resolution on Rural Emergency Medical Services

Resolution 1998-01 Resolution Regarding Emergency Physician Involvement in the HCFA Negotiated Rule Making Process

Resolution 1997-05 Rural Emergency Medical Services

Resolution 1997-04 Emergency Communications

Resolution 1997-03 Registries of Organ and Tissue Donors

Resolution 1997-02 National EMS Memorial Service

Resolution 1997-01 Public Access Defibrillation

Resolution 1996-11 Administration of the Emergency Medical Services

Resolution 1996-10 Elimination of the Term Motor Vehicle "Accident"

Resolution 1996-09 Endorsement of the EMS Agenda for the Future

Resolution 1996-08 Funding for National Research

Resolution 1996-07 Public Access Defibrillation

Resolution 1996-06 Injury Control

Resolution 1996-05 Rural Emergency Medical Services

Resolution 1996-04 Concerns with National Academy of Sciences & EMS Performance Measures

Resolution 1996-03 National Training Standards

Resolution 1996-02 National EMS Education and Practice Blueprint

Resolution 1996-01 Support of the Graduated Driver Licensing System