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NASEMSO Resolutions Index

EMS Systems | Patient Care & Safety | Data & Communications
Domestic Preparedness | Education & Professional Standards | Recognition of Excellence

EMS Systems

Resolution 2012-01 MCI MUCC Implementation

Resolution 2012-02 Science and Technology EMS Research Support—Homeland Security

Resolution 2011-01 The Importance of the NASEMSO 2011 EMS Industry Snapshot

Resolution 2010-02 Designation of Trauma Facilities Owned or Operated by Other Trauma Centers

Resolution 2010-01 Creation of CMS Ad Hoc EMS Committee

Resolution 2008-02 Support for the Rural Emergency Medical Services and Trauma Technical Assistance Center

Resolution 2007-03 The Role of Lead State EMS Agencies in Implementing the Recommendations of the Institute of Medicine Report on the Future of Emergency Care

Resolution 2007-01 Support of the Rural Emergency Medical Services and Trauma Technical Assistance Center

Resolution 2006-02 Federal Agency Interaction With Local and Regional Emergency Medical Services

Resolution 2005-02 Diversion and Transfer of Patient Care

Patient Care and Safety

Resolution 2017-02 Continued Support for State Trauma Programs

Resolution 2017-03 In Support of the Crisis Event Response, Recovery and Access (CERRA) Program

Resolution 2014-01 Support of “Toward Zero Deaths - National Strategy on Highway Safety” Initiative

Resolution 2014-02 Support for Ambulance and Equipment Crash-Testing Standards and Related Safe Transport Recommendations for Children in Ground Ambulances

Resolution 2007-02 Emergency Medical Services at Wildland Fires

Resolution 2006-06 Air Medical

Data and Communications

Resolution 2017-04 Allowing State Identity to Be Included in the National EMS Database

Resolution 2016-01 Support of the Cardiac Arrest Registry to Enhance Survival (CARES)

Resolution 2016-02 Calling for EMS Colleagues to Prepare for and Support FirstNet Implementation in States

Resolution 2015-03 Toward Completion and Implementation of a Data Standard for Tracking Emergency Patients (TEP)

Resolution 2013-01 Support of Standard for Public Safety Telecommunicators When Responding to Calls Pertaining to Missing, Abducted and Sexually Exploited Children

Resolution 2009-01 Project 25 Compliance (communications interoperability)

Resolution 2008-01 Plain Language Communications

Resolution 2006-05 Emergency Medical Services and Public Safety Communications

Domestic Preparedness

Resolution 2005-01 Disaster Use of Private and Other Non-Government Assets

Education and Professional Standards

Resolution 2013-02 Integration of Personnel Educated in the Military into the Civilian EMS Workforce

Resolution 2010-04 National EMS Certification and Program Accreditation

Resolution 2010-03 Transition Plan for EMS Testing and Certification

Resolution 2008-03 Education Program Accreditation

Resolution 2006-04 Emergency Medical Services Personnel Job Related Reading Ability

Recognition of Excellence

Resolution 2017-01 Honoring the Lifetime Achievement of Susan McHenry, Colleague and Friend

Resolution 2015-01 Honoring the Lifetime Achievements of Drew Dawson, Colleague and Friend

Resolution 2015-02 Honoring the Memory and Lifetime Achievements of Norman E. McSwain, Jr., MD, FACS

Resolution 2014-03 In Recognition of the Retirement of Liz Sibley

Resolution 2014-04 In Recognition of the 30th Anniversary of the Emergency Medical Services for Children Program

Resolution 2014-05 In Recognition of the 30th Anniversary of the National Association of EMS Physicians

Resolution 2014-06 In Recognition of Our Executive Vice President’s Quinquagenary

Resolutions Archive